Let’s talk Life Science – with Sudharsan – Founder, Cambrionics Life Sciences!

One cannot help but be in awe when they contemplate the intriguing mysteries of eternity, of life and of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day, and Sudharsan, Founder of Cambrionics Life Sciences has built a platform to never stop questioning! He believes that curiosity has its own reason for existence. At Cambrionics, they transform the thinking of students – to think like a scientist because somewhere, something is waiting to be known and if we all knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

“BIOLOGY FOR ALL” is our motto. We try to bring science closer to people – like you and me. We believe everybody has something to learn, and everybody has something to teach.

Meet the Team of Cambrionics Life Science – a community of amateur biologists, tinkerers, science-lovers, Tony starks and Bruce banners who have banded together to bring biology beyond the walls of the laboratory.  Independent Research and DIY Science has been their backbone in building knowledge.

We believe that science is not bound just within the laboratories, and has to be available to ALL. Our goal is to decode and democratize this technology, putting tools into the hands of those who are keen on them.

What is unique about Cambrionics?

  • Teaching Alternate Biological Sciences (T.A.B.S)
  • Curiosity – Let’s talk Science

T.A.B.S (Teaching Alternate Biological Sciences)

T.A.B.S is one of its kind science education programs by Cambrionics life science which provides research-based learning opportunities through the use of live organisms such as zebrafish and drosophila. It is designed to excite middle school kids about science, learning, and give them a feel of what it is like to be a scientist. A day with zebrafish can teach so much science than the kids would have learned the entire year. The program is designed to make the kids think critically, question logically, and approach the scientific problems that surround society.

Why do kids need T.A.B.S?

It is a common statement among schools and teachers that BIOLOGY cannot be learned by performing experiments and activities, unlike physics and chemistry. We solve this problem by introducing two scientific experimental model organisms – ZEBRAFISH and DROSOPHILA to the school classrooms. We believe in making the kids observe and understand the biological concepts rather than just turning over diagrammatic pages in books.

If Nature (Fish and Fly) can’t teach science, we cannot think of a better way 

Curiosity – Let’s talk Science

Curiosity is a non-profitable science event that aims to communicate contemporary scientific developments to the public, biologists, and young scientific minds in an interesting, engaging and approachable way by bringing eminent scientists to the local cafés in Chennai. It is designed in a way that will help the young minds to have a friendly interaction with the scientists!

Snippets of the conversation with Sudharsan :

Your inspiration to begin your venture?

I always love to talk to a lot of people and listen to their stories. In college, I used to talk about what I love to my friends. Very quickly I found my close friends who also shared similar dreams. In college we faced a lot of problems to do things we loved, it is then we started to create our own frugal solutions to it. We never intended to start a company. We wanted to do things that we loved doing together. After college we decided to work together for the rest of our lives to do things we loved and started Cambrionics officially as a company.

How do you think Cambrionics benefits the larger section of the society?

Biology was always considered an under-rated field to study and explore. More than a subject, it is a way of living to lead a better and healthy life. Being one of the fore-frontiers in taking the science forward to the common people leaves us with a sense of pride.

Working in the education sector and bringing an impact itself is making a difference to a lot of people. When we can make the kids understand biology better and orient their career better other than just MBBS and BIOTECH, we are benefiting the society.

Even though what we do is not something common in India, we found a lot of people getting valuable insights from it. When a student can come up to us and say that she was wrong all through her school days and now after using T.A.B.S (Our learning module) her life shifted from being clueless to navigating to something she loved – it is then we felt we are part of a change much bigger than we imagined.

How did you build your team? 

When we friends Raghul, Sai and Godwin started out with Cambrionics after college, the only thing we heard from our fellow people was friends are bad partners. It was that day we decided to prove this wrong. It is friendship and trust that drives our team forward and the passion for biology that keeps us together.

What excites you to be the founder?

Being the founder entrusts me with a plethora of responsibilities and duties. Every day is exciting to work with new people and I learn a lot of new things. Every time I see kids enjoying our learning modules, it gives me a sense of pride in doing something useful for the society. Science education and Science communication in Biology is itself a new word in a country like India, so working on something new to build a new market differentiates our initiative from the rest. In Chennai startup ecosystem, many people noticed us and recognized us because we are the only ones to work in Biology. These are some of the things that excite me to lead Cambrionics.

What’s your personal milestone as part of Cambrionics?

Being young I want to experiment with a lot of new things very early. One of the biggest milestones I can think of is representing Cambrionics in Germany for a fellowship last year and having worked with DBT, Government of India for science outreach in Punjab last month. Many big entrepreneurs in Chennai came to know Cambrionics very quickly and focused their attention on the Chennai startup ecosystem.

What would you say as one of the biggest challenges so far and how are you overcoming it?

Every day is a new challenge for us. Some months we get paid well whereas during some months we wouldn’t be able to. Being a complete bootstrapped company, many a time financial crisis occurs that will hamper the work. But we never failed to keep our heads sane whether we get paid or not.

As a founder, what is the one quote that keeps you going and never give up?

“Entrepreneur is someone who moves from one failure to another without losing enthusiasm but keeps learning.”, this is one of my favorite quotes and every time we face a failure we always take a learning lesson and flip the page.

The value we provide to our customers and the love they give us back is something that cannot be compared to anything else. I still remember a grade 9 school kid who came up to me after one of the sessions and said how she hated science before and this session proved her wrong. She thanked our whole team for making her fall in love with learning. These are a few little moments that keep us motivated to do bigger and better.

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is at all comprehensible! Get going and get learning!

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