Meet Investment Banker turned Blogger : Roop!

What you think is what you attract! 

Digital creators have taken the social media by storm. Their blogs have become successful businesses, and have viewership statistics that even rival those of fashion magazines. Today’s influential personal style bloggers have succeeded in gaining influence not only by presenting a democratized version of fashion, but also by appealing readers through their stylish wardrobes, sense of style, beauty and social awareness.

Rupjyoti’s journey has been as beautifully meandering as her imagination. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and decided to pursue a career in the same and worked at one of the Top Investment Banks in Bangalore. But passion tugged at her heartstrings, and soon enough, she found herself in the midst of the fashion industry. She shares her views on different fashion trends on social media.

It was a big risk to quit a high-paying corporate job, but what’s life without taking one?  From travel to shoots, and all about different looks that she can create, she is living the life that she always wanted.

The success of a blogger is hinged on their ability to build a network that they can bank on. Her popularity and great work also led to her collaboration with several big brands. She chooses the brands that she collaborates with very wisely.

In conversation with Rupjyoti, the digital creator from Assam, currently residing in Chennai. Being an influencer comes with its perks but what happens behind the scenes is far from being all rosy.


How it all began..

I have always loved styling and I used to follow the trends in fashion even as I was working in an Investment Bank. After working for 8 years, sometime in 2013 or 2014 I started collaborating with brands like Wooplr in Bangalore. When you really want to do something, you find a way to do it amidst every busy schedule that would hold you back!


Personal style blogging according to you is?

Constructing a relatable persona, socializing readers into the world of fashion and exploring different styles much like other forms of traditional fashion media.


Speaking of fashion..

It is a way of expressing yourself. It involves planning, techniques and of course styles and a lot of creativity. Most important of all, comfort.


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How do you set yourself apart?

By being authentic to my style and personality. I do not try to emulate any other blogger. I do follow other bloggers and do look upto their content eagerly. However I do not copy their styles. I feel the nexus lies in the honesty of content.


Challenges in the realm of fashion media..

These days everybody wants to be YouTube or Instagram celebrity, but most don’t realize that as with anything in life, nothing is as easy as it seems. Following up with some of the brands for payments is quite a task. We have to live through such challenges in an unorganised freelance set-up but that is the price tag to do whatever it takes to pursue what you love!


Two cents to fellow bloggers and readers?

You are awesome and do not let the world tell you otherwise. What you think is what you attract!


Women of fashion are indeed creating some aesthetic waves!

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