Get your Bicycles Fixed with Fix My Cycle

Fix My Cycle is a smart alternative to the traditional bicycle workshop; we offer cycle repair services at home for all types of bicycles.

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The hassle involved in getting your cycles to the workshop can be quite frustrating, it doesn’t get better when it takes forever to get the work done too. We find our bicycles lying at the back of our garage, covered in dust, just because we couldn’t bother to go through the trouble of getting it to the repair shop. Fix My Cycle is the solution to all these problems, it offers cycle repair services for all types of cycles at your doorstep. In conversation with Sricharen Sridhar, Founder of Fix My Cycle, we get to know more about this venture and the story behind it!

Chennai Insider: Give us a brief on what Fix My Cycle is about

Sricharen: Fix My Cycle is a smart alternative to the traditional bicycle workshop; we offer cycle repair services at home for all types of bicycles. We also offer a pick up and drop service where the bicycle is picked up, serviced at our station and dropped back. We offer an advanced service, wherein the customer brings the bicycle to our service station and gets it tuned. We provide ride support with professional mechanics for all levels of bicycle rides and races, and also run bicycle service camps at IT parks, gated communities and apartment complexes. Additionally, we are the official after sales service partner for multiple bicycle and E-bicycle brands in India.

Chennai Insider: What made you start your startup? What is the story behind it?

Sricharen: Well the sole reason for the startup is the vacuum I found in the number of cycle sales and the trouble I faced to get my own kids’ cycle serviced, I had to take it to the place I bought it from and literally had to wait hours or at times, I had to go the following day to collect the cycles. So after this experience, I thought ‘why not offer bicycle services at home?’. This led me to run a pilot project in Bangalore for a quarter in 2016. On seeing good responses, we launched our service in Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad during February 2017. Now we are in 20 cities across India and we made our Global Presence in South Africa too.

Chennai Insider: Tell us about yourself, your previous jobs/ventures? What were you doing before this startup?

Sricharen: I am an Automobile Enthusiast, all my previous ventures and jobs where related to Automobile.

Chennai Insider: Fix My Cycle is such a unique idea. What were the challenges you faced while starting Fix My Cycle?

Sricharen: The major challenge was to get the technicians on board and to train them with the adequate knowledge and skill set. Not being from an IT background, setting up a seamless website for the booking process and the backend system was a great challenge too.  

Chennai Insider: Where is your startup based out of? Why do you think that is the best place for you?

Sricharen: We have our corporate office in Chennai. Our service stations and technical team are based out of Bangalore and Chennai, the sole reason for choosing these 2 cities as our service base is because of the cycling culture and population.

Chennai Insider: How has the pandemic affected your business?

Sricharen: Like all the other businesses we also had a major impact during lock downs, slowly when things started opening up, we saw a huge shift in the cycling industry. Today people prefer cycling as one of the main modes of fitness, maintaining the cycle plays a major role. As we provide bicycle service at their doorstep, people started choosing us a lot more than before.

Chennai Insider: Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

Sricharen: We started as a team of 7, now we are a team of 36 that includes our technicians as well.

Chennai Insider: What are your plans for Fix My Cycle? Where do you see it in a few years?

Sricharen: To be the GO TO bicycle service solutions across major countries where bicycle culture prevails, with professionally trained mechanics to handle all types of bicycles issues. We are heading towards 50 cities in India and 10 countries.

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