“I dwell in the little joy of things” – says Mehndi Jashnani!

Being a complete introvert to now being told that I win at my PR skills is something I can pat my back for!

What do influencers and stylist bloggers do all day? How do you become one? Is it as glamorous as it seems?

She crafts her own aesthetic. Her outlook is less about fitting in, and more about standing out; less about wearing standard outfits, and more about customization and personality. Apart from being a model, stylist and influencer, she is pretty much a foodie and your girl next door. Meet the very popular Mehndi Jashnani juggling multiple roles as a model, stylist and a blogger. I asked her some questions about her career and her honest experiences with the industry and here are the excerpts.


Where and when did it all start?

I never planned to be a model, but always had my overflowing love for fashion and dressing up from the very start. I would watch my mother and aspire to be as stylish as her back in the days! Modelling happened just like that and I never looked back. Over the years I’ve enjoyed my journey as a model which has been a great source of experience in bringing me out from my nutshell. Being a complete introvert to now being told that I win at my PR skills is something I can pat my back for!

The contacts and social circle I built was a good foundation I had to add another feather of becoming stylist! With the flair for anything fashion, I knew styling was my calling. Now I enjoy endorsing brands on social media as an influencer which also gives me a chance to build my own content and look!

Chennai’s fashion industry has been my family for a decade now! Stepping in with the  warmest of welcomes from the best in the field, the shy little girl transformed! I was very passionate for the ramp but  being not so tall was  one thing I heard quite often initially.. but that didn’t stop me from walking neither did I feel under confident! Instead I compensated it with my positives and professionalism towards my work!


How do you choose the brands you collaborate with?

Somehow I am always lucky with good brands coming to me and I don’t really have to pick and choose. I don’t stick to anything In particular as I always like experimenting and challenging myself.


What sparked your interest in blogging? 

I used to create content for a magazine back in the day and realized that I could write too. Hence my blog was born and today Influencing has hit Chennai big with all the great brands to blog about !


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How do you get involved with your followers and find the best way to give them the content they want?

A lot of my followers send me DMs asking me about what to wear for an occasion or just questions asking me about where I bought the outfit I post about. I do hold a responsibility there and feel like I should be imparting knowledge about what I think I’m good at. I create content on style tips and the newest places in Chennai to shop, eat, sale, beauty products – anything that a millennial would want to know about! There are a few proposals too, well that I’m still trying to figure out ! Haha.


How do you balance and juggle multiple roles? What keeps you awake and going?

I love it! Over the years I’ve just learnt that balance is the only key one needs! I am self driven and also love motivating others, this in turn motivates me a lot! I’ve always dreamt of being the best version of myself and I don’t think I’ve reached even half way there yet!


What is the best thing about your job? and the not-so-good part about your job?

The entire experience of every role I play is so satisfying and amazing and I’m so grateful for every moment of learning! The best part is the person it has shaped me into! And the not so good part is that it doesn’t stop there. I want more 😉


How would you describe your personal style?

Power dressing.


What are your long-term aspirations?

I’ve stepped into becoming a bridal style consultant handling brides for all their wedding needs including outfits, make up, skin care etc. There is nothing more beautiful than a couple coming together to celebrate a life time and I want to be a one of the reasons adding extra sparkle on their big day!


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How supportive are family/friends of the niche path that you have taken?

Very very supportive and extremely proud!


What is the one thing that you wish more people were cognizant of, when it comes to blogging and fashion and modelling?

To love yourself first and then take inspiration from the others!❤️



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