In Conversation with Karthik Murali : Content Creator since 2006!

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You can never pump out half-assed content and win in the long-run. I focus on getting only my best content into the hands of more people. 

The secret to building a website or blog with a raving fan base that’s ready to buy what you sell has nothing to do with how much content you create. It, instead, has to do with how good and useful your content is and how you are getting your content into the hands of more people.

Content is Vital (and anything less than your best work isn’t good enough) believes Karthik.

A data scientist, travel blogger, food reviewer, Tech and Marketing Influencer, Karthik has created a diverse range of quality content from Automobiles and Technology to Fashion and Food! He started blogging in 2006 (yes, one of the oldest bloggers from Chennai, in terms of blogging age!), has 2 websites for the same that goes by :

Tete-a-Tete with Karthik and he gives some valuable insights into his exciting side hustle :

What do you blog about on your websites and Instagram?

Travel Blogging –  I have traveled to 14 countries and blogged extensively on the same. I write detailed travel itineraries, travel tips/hacks for many destinations in the world, which helps you to avoid any tour packages and do a self trip at almost half the cost. I have collaborated with several brands including AirAsia, Philips, Sony, Tata Motors, Yamaha among others.

On the other hand, I also do technology/lifestyle product reviews in my Marketing blog. My combined page view for the two websites is roughly 10-12K views per month with more than 60% of traffic coming through organic google page ranking.

If you are a foodie and excited about trying new food and new restaurants, you could also follow me for honest food reviews on Instagram!

You have been a blogger for 14 years now, even before the social media fad existed. Do you think the social media storm has taken along with it a piece of your cake?

Honestly, content is king anywhere – be it Instagram or not. If people think they can become an Instagram Influencer by just sharing photos they clearly have it wrong. The content that goes along with those photos is just as important as the photos themselves. Since I am an old-time blogger, I do take my articles and blogs very seriously – the old-school way! You can never pump out half-assed content and win in the long-run. Nothing has changed – I still do my research and focus on getting only my best content into the hands of more people.

Okay.. I get it. Create great content, then promote it. But how?

Reveal: It’s the SEO! But, are you hinting at the number of followers based on which brands evaluate your blogging quality? Well, this is a rookie mistake I’ve seen many Instagram influencers make to pave an easy road to success. Paid followers are no good to you. Organic is the way to go!

Yes, I know it’s not easy and it certainly won’t happen overnight. But hey, there’s no easy road to success. Paid followers can be detrimental to your growth because these followers won’t be engaged enough. So your follower count will increase without any substantial increase in engagement.

Have you considered full-time blogging?

I love my job as a data scientist as much as I love writing content. It will always be something I do on the side so I retain the commitment and passion. Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme! It grows with time, hard work and strategy.

Best part about being a content creator?

From SEO to Marketing, there is so much to do and learn. You are your own boss, you own what you create. You create an information hub that is a one-stop solution for any travel plans!

My monetization strategy involves affiliate marketing and sponsored posts and ads.

Thoughts to budding fellow content creators?

In your quest towards engaging the audience don’t forget to be genuine. Because that will be easily seen through. Instead, share your personal stories in a way that your audience finds them interesting yet authentic.

Write regular good quality content on what you are passionate about. Make sure your articles are 750-1000 words long. Follow both on-page and off-page SEO.  Most importantly, use a domain name of your own!

Invest time in what you are passionate about and you are good to go!

Karthik is surely a testimony to the fact that if you do good work, you get noticed. Slowly but surely! If he can do it along with a demanding full-time job, what are you waiting for?


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