In the Voyage of Discovery – Meet Travel Blogging Couple Vishu and Saumya!

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Plan it out and hit the road, taste the local cuisines, meet different people. You will return home as a different person with some experience and stories to share with the world.

With wanderlust as infectious a condition as ever, travel blogging is becoming the most sought-after thing to do! With the rise of blogging , the content is unparalleled with breath-taking locations, picturesque photography and extremely informative and meticulous writing. One such profile that is growing more popular everyday is the tale of the travel blogger couple Vishu and Saumya who blog on!

Vishu is an IT Consultant and working full time while Saumya bid adieu to her 5 year old IT career when she was 18 months in her professional blogging. It was a planned decision and after blogging professionally for a substantial period Saumya decided to listen to her true calling and became a full time travel blogger. Saumya clicks, Vishu writes and there you go!

How did you meet each other?

We shared the same college in our hometown during our engineering course  and that’s when destiny brought us together. Although we crossed each other’s path in the year 2008, we never interacted with each other. 3 years gap seemed too much for any conversation! Few years passed and Saumya became the office bearer of one of the cultural activities club headed by me when she was in 1st year. She approached me for some guidance and the rest as they say is history! Passion for traveling, love for food and craziness for movies was what brought us together.

We used to share our interests with each other in our long distance conversations. We both love to travel, be it road trips, train journeys or flights, all we need is to get out of our routine and head somewhere. We came to know that we both have traveled almost our entire nation, with our family and friends. We both love to eat food, right from street food to fine dine to buffet, anything served to us is worth tasting. We both can sit through any movie, no matter how boring it may be, at any hour of the day, or for that matter night!

Did you guys travel before you started blogging?

Yes, a lot! We both have been ardent solo/family travellers and after getting married we started traveling together. Blogging our travel experiences started one year post our marriage.

How is it to live out of a suit-case?

The excitement of planning trips one after another and exploring new destinations act as a fuel to our wanderlust. We lead extremely fulfilling lives experiencing the best of many worlds. We have visited over 10 countries so far together but the number of stamps on our passports don’t matter. What matters is the breath of fresh air in every place that we visit!

Their kind of Monday Motivation!

How do you fund your travel?

Plan wisely to save on your travel cost. Most of our travel is sponsored by different brands. Apart from that we plan well in advance and fund our travel ourselves.

What is the best and the worst thing about being a professional travel blogger?

Best: Sharing your stories with the world and helping them plan their trips is one of the best things. It really feels amazing when people send their blessings and love to us saying they liked our recommendations or itineraries.

Worst: Nothing worst, just that it requires a lot of hard work. No pain, no gain.

What is the craziest food you have eaten?

Frog on Jalan Alor food street in Malaysia

What are your favourite ways of seeing a place?

We love to explore a place just the way it is. Usually our trips our well planned, all thanks to Saumya the planner, however sometimes we get crazy and head out for a road trip. Soaking in the serenity of nature and exploring the unexplored is our mantra when visiting a new place.

Favourite kind of accommodation?

Luxurious and elegant! A charm of royalty also sometimes.

How do you earn your income?

Sponsored posts, social media promotions along with social media management for various travel and hospitality brands.

Advice for aspiring bloggers?

Find your niche. Be a traveller first before becoming a travel blogger. Perseverance, passion and commitment are the key to success. Be just the way you are!

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