“Makeup is a choice. Makeup is not a mask” says Sringa, the brainchild of Kabooki Makeup Artistry.

Meet Sringa, Founder of Kabooki Makeup artistry.

She believes that beauty is everywhere and is in everything. If you scroll through her online portfolio of makeup magic and creative experimentation, the breadth of her work is breath-taking. In a conversation with Chennai Insider, she shares about what make-up is to beauty, make-up hacks, do’s and don’ts and the cosmetic industry and much more. Here are the excerpts.

Makeup can break boundaries, convey powerful messages and create new characters. That is what I love the most.

Tell us about yourself. What were you doing before you started your own makeup artistry?

I finished masters and was working as a HR professional at a manufacturing industry in Chennai.

When and how did you get into the cosmetic industry?

I was passionate about painting, makeup and doing something on my own ever since I was a child. When I got into corporate, I got busy and never painted again. That is when makeup came to the rescue. Makeup taught me that my face can be a canvas and I can create any art using that. I started it part time. In 3 months, I took the risk and quit my job to become a full time makeup artist.

How has the industry changed since you began?

Quite a lot of exposure about makeup with the advent of Instagram. Also, the number of artists and competition has gone up to a great level and it is overwhelming to see the massive growth in the field.

What is beauty according to you?

I believe everyone- fair or dark, tall or short is beautiful in their own way. There is so much more to a human being than confining beauty to outer appearance.

Right from a small acne to complexion to scars, we have been told to cover it all up. That’s sadly the way the society has brought us up.  I do not believe that makeup that covers everything is the idea of beauty. Makeup is a choice. Makeup is not a mask. It is just an interest, an art that we like to try and have fun with.

Does everyone look better with makeup according to you?

No. I don’t think it makes you better than your natural looking self. Makeup when rightly done, adds dimensions and can make one’s features more symmetric, bold & attractive.

What do you the love the most about makeup?

Makeup is commonly seen as a tool to beautify by many people. But, when I ventured into this field, I was spell bound and awestruck by how makeup can break boundaries, convey powerful messages and create new characters. That is what I love the most.

If you turn up at a show and the model has bad skin, what would you do?

I think as a makeup artist it’s important to have a chat with the client(model) or if possible even meet before the event.

If the model has uneven (I wouldn’t say bad) skin, I think, I would take that up as a challenge. It’s my duty as an artist to fix it so that she looks presentable.

Having said that, If her skin is prone to allergies or if she is under some treatment, its best to not to use makeup until advised to do so.

Which element about your job do you most enjoy?

I can’t pick one thing- I thoroughly enjoy the experiences I share with clients. Every one is unique, their stories are special. The very fact that they choose me for their biggest event is so satisfying. We get instant compliments, recognition and feedback for our work. And looking back every six months, there is always something new to learn. There is some upgradation every time in this industry. So you’re constantly pushed to learn new things to stay relevant, which by itself is an adrenaline rush. I enjoy creative makeup, makeup with social messages, transforming into someone through makeup.

How would you describe your signature look?

When it comes to bridal, enhancing a person’s natural features and complexion. And I explore my crazy side through creative makeup.

Some makeup do’s and donts?


Always prioritize skincare over makeup

Try everything you want to try & play with makeup all you want. Forget what others think is right for you.


Never buy or get misled into buying fake products

Never ever use un-sanitized brushes & tools

Any beauty looks/ people that inspire you?

Plenty of beauty gurus out there. I love bretman rock, Makeup by rups, alexis and many other really amazing artists I look up to.

What is the challenging part about being a makeup artist?

Although there are plenty of challenges, I find that when it comes to bridal, in our country, we are not given adequate time to get the bride ready most often. 2 minute saree drapes, relatives frantically knocking at the door umpteen number of times, causing damage to our products accidentally in the rush are all a part and parcel of our work-life here. But in the end, when we see the perfect outcome that we wished for, nothing else matters.

Beauty hacks that you can suggest to readers?

Many many beauty hacks are out there. Kajal/kohl is probably the one thing we Indian women wear on a daily basis. To Make it stay longer without running down your face, dip that in black eyeshadow and then apply.

I just want to say this, start loving every bit of yourself with/without makeup – your self-love should lead you to a better and positive life.

Any tips to aspiring makeup artists?

Always do your research. Read a lot about makeup, watch a lot of makeup videos, and practice every day to identify your strengths. Be authentic and experimental.

How can readers reach out to you?

Website – www.kabookimua.com

Instagram – @kabooki_mua

Email id – kabooki.artistry@gmail.com

Our sparkle comes from somewhere deeper inside, somewhere so pure and authentic and real, that it doesn’t need gloss or polish or glitter to shine. A make-over and make-up is a re-branded creative version of you, but the original brand is yourself!

Wish you more creative successes, Sringa and Kabooki Artistry, may the uniqueness of your tribe grow!


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