Chennai Insider's 20 Most Influential Photographers of 2020

Their heart lies in capturing snippets of life and people through their eyes. They are your allies to seamlessly translate your raw moments into a captivating fairy-tale that is light, airy and ethereal. Presenting to you Chennai Insider’s 20 Most Influential Photographers of 2020


Amrita Samant

Mommy Shots by Amrita

Babies and the cutest shots taken by Amrita are ones to adore. Be it, the baby’s story, their mannerisms, funny expressions, your favourite theme, concepts.. she storyboards them all in evocative frames of emotion!

Vidhya Vijay

Visual Storyteller

Passion with a purpose defines Vidhya’s pursuit. Music lead her to photography. Photography paved way for her to explore digital designing. Art forms embrace her as she embraces any art form as a story-teller.


Say Cheese Captures

Subbu started Say Cheese Captures 6 years ago with his niche being wedding photography. Now he is with a team of six people capturing and documenting wedding memories across the country. 

Sriram Raghu

Signatures by Sriram Raghu

Be it tear drops and excitement of brides, dreamy shots or unconditional love of grandparents and friends, Sriram has an evident penchant for capturing all real emotions in still shots. It reminds you of a fleeting moment frozen in time.

Anita Kamaraj

Food and fashion photographer

A self taught photographer and a great one at it, Anita’s interests revolve around food, fashion and people. With great aspirations and overcoming various barriers, Anita has solely established a sought-after brand for herself. She is quite the inspiration you need!

Rahul Ravindran

Freelance Photographer

A drone photographer who enjoys the aerial view of things, Rahul is an engineer and a part-time photographer who has unique perspectives and is passionate about capturing his perfect shot! 

Rakesh & Waseem

Founders - Made in Mono

Pioneers of vibrant wedding Photography, Made in Mono are a dream team for  wedding photography. Prior to Made in Mono, the founders, Rakesh and Waseem were both each leading photographers for almost a decade each.

Rohan & Puja

Rohan Mishra Photography

Husband + wife photography duo from India who enjoy narrating the story of people in love through the reels of a camera. Their vision is to touch people’s lives through their craft.

Akshaya Vaidyanathan

Founder - Weddings by Poo Stories

A professional photographer specializing in weddings, fashion, architecture, commercial products and food photography. With a unique brand identity of her own, Akshaya has worked with various brands to build their aesthetic style.

Siva Raj

Lights 'n Shadows by Siva

Siva enjoys wedding, landscape and travel photography. He is unique for his effortless minimalism and simplistic style of photography to keep the subject as natural as possible.

Sindhu Mohanraju

Visual Narrator

With a design background and a Fashion Communication degree from NIFT, Sindhu has experimented with varying genres of photography.  There is abundance of art and creativity in her shots.

Ajay Krishnan

Founder - Aju Photography

An engineer who bid a goodbye to corporate world in 2012 to become a full time photographer and capture different stories through his lens. He believes in capturing myriad of emotions in the best possible way.

Radha Swami

Founder- Weddings by Radha Swami

A self-taught photographer who works for his own satisfaction. He believes photography is like a painting through which you express your emotion. Mother nature inspires his work.

Vasudevan Vijayan

Shots by Vasudev

Vasudev is into weddings, fashion, products and kids photography. His unique candid shots stand out from the crowd and he even personally understands every couple before wedding shoots! How cool is that?

Harini Sarathy

Portrait Photography

From being a hobbyist in photography during high school to now establishing her presence and artistic work, Harini has been propelled by the curiosity to discover and grow. Architecture , street and food photography top my list of genres that she wants to explore!

John George

Nature photographer / Visual story teller

John’s social media handle Jo_graphy quite tells you his photographic aspirations. In awe of “Geo”graphy, John has built a repertoire of his picturesque outdoor clicks. Chasing sunsets and dreams!

Karthik Yadav

Founder - Yadhu Photography (Weddings)

At the heart of every frame, Yadhu Photography is not just Karthik’s passion, but also an obsession and addiction. Karthik loves to travel, trek, learn new skills, and is also a cricket fanatic. 

Akash Lakshminarayanan

Freelance Photographer

Being as young as a college student with exams and projects does not deter Akash from channelising his talent and passion to explore various forms of photography ranging from street, wedding to product photography. His goal is to document the heritage associated with Tamil literature and temples.

Vipin Vijayan

Founder - Vipin Photography

Established in 2010, Vipin under his brand has done over 750 weddings. Apart from wedding photography, Vipin has also explored kid’s photography for personal interest, product, jewellery and fashion photography. 


Founder - The Simple Crew

An architect who picked up a camera at some point during college and then never looked back. Varun shoots long personal documentary projects that have been published in magazines and newspapers. Commercially shoots weddings, fashion, portraits, products. 

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