Get your hands onto Revit and Dynamo with Art+Algorithm

Get design-savvy with Chandini Agarwal and Rishikesh Sundarraj.

Design is the balance between the right and left brain, fluid and rigid, feminine and masculine, art and algorithm.

Chandini Agarwal

Chandini Agarwal and Rishikesh Sundarraj, decided to step into a venture to enlighten other fellow-Architects. By ‘Ideating Imagination,’ they started this design centric firm, ‘Art+Algorithm.’ Through conducting workshops and writing featured blogs, their step into the field is yet to ignite.

What is the reason and conceptology behind the name, ‘Art+Algorithm?’

To us, the process of design is rather simple. It is the balance between the right and left brain, fluid and rigid, feminine and masculine, art and algorithm. And, helping design students/professionals bring these contrasting but complementary features to reality intact is our goal.

Considering the writeups and ideas used for your blogs having covered different sides to Architecture, what will your workshops primarily focus on?

Both our workshops and blogs are directed towards the current and future advancements in the field of Architecture.

What led to the formation of the design centric firm and brainchild behind the same?

The constant question of ‘How will I compete with professionals around the globe’ led us to Art+Algorithm. Rishikesh Sundarraj and Chandini Agarwal are the people behind this brainchild.

What is the comparison between the ‘bygone designing processes’ and ‘contemporary techniques,’ which you would like to focus upon?

The ‘bygone designing processes’ here, is the reference to the designing techniques and the software selection that does not stand the test of time. While the ‘contemporary techniques’, in contrast, is focused upon the next-gen software, designing techniques and concepts, fit for the 21st century.

As a budding Architect yourself, what is the piece of advice that you would like to give to all the budding architects all across the globe?

There is this unsaid gap between the top-notch work references, that we see online and our skill-set. It is due to the time, practice and experience. So, do not lose faith in yourself or feel something is unattainable. Everyone is learning at their levels and so are you!

With ‘Visual Designing’ being the new form of learning, what would the other forms of spreading education to us look like?

Visual Designing is mostly for us to be able to communicate our ideas to viewers/clients as far as architecture is concerned. We would be holding more courses, which are in correlation with the designing processes.

What are the distinctive variety of courses that you would be providing to the students seeking to pursue Architecture?

Advanced Design approaches which provoke Algorithmic Thinking, Conceptual Form Finding, Digital Fabrication, Sustainability Design concepts and a lot more would be our area of exploration with courses.

Do you plan on taking up Architecture-related projects in the near future?

Yes, we definitely plan on taking-up architectural projects in the coming days.

Being in the field of Architecture, what are some of the designs and elements that are likely to be seen and incorporated in 2021?

In 2021, with Covid-19 in mind, technologically equipped spaces will definitely be a new addition. Also, there will be a shift from considering spaces dedicated for Work and Open recreation, in residential design, from luxury to necessity.

Post pandemic, do you wish to host competitions and workshops in various Architectural colleges across India?

Absolutely! We are looking out for collaborating with architectural schools and universities, both offline and one-to-one, even at the moment.