An intriguing conversation with Mayuri Nidigallu: a Tarot Card Reader!

A one-on-one conversation with Mayuri Nidigallu, a Tarot Card Reader by profession and Writer by design.

Tarot Card Readers often have a bad reputation, but I am working towards setting the bar higher.

Mayuri Nidigallu

With a highly ambitious and optimistic outlook, Mayuri Nidigallu, a Tarot Card Reader by profession and a writer by design, has a positive approach towards the current situation and has religiously stuck to the tagline – ‘live in the present.’ As difficulties and adjustments go hand in hand and moving from the west to the southern part of India become a part of her life, below is a one-on-one conversation with the lady herself.

Tell us about yourself. How has your journey from writing from a young age and being a tarot card reader by profession been?

Mayuri: It is difficult for many, including me, to believe it now, but I used to be a shy child. I preferred befriending fictional characters from my books over befriending real people. As I grew older, I enjoyed inventing fictional characters through my words, and that is when my journey in writing began.

Interestingly, in Tarot Reading the Spread of the Cards is like a storyboard. The only difference is that my narration is verbal here, unlike the physical one on my laptop for my writing. Both my professions complement each other.

Born and brought up in Bombay, what led you to come to cities like Chennai and Bangalore?

Mayuri: My marriage made me relocate from my city of birth, Bombay, to Bangalore and then to Chennai.

How did you develop an interest in tarot card reading when writing was your share of living?

Mayuri: I was introduced to the Tarot by my brother, who gifted me a Tarot Deck, citing that he thought it was ‘my calling.’ When he did that, I was unaware of what Tarot even was. In hindsight, he was right. I have been a Tarot Card Reader for 16 years now and have loved every moment of being one!

As a tarot card reader, do you have clients under the youngster/middle-aged category?

Mayuri: I don’t read Tarot Cards for people under 18 years of age. Yes, I do ask for age proof if I am not sure how old they are. My clients are in the 22 years and above age range.

Being a tarot card reader, what are some of the basic wants and issues that people come to you with, and what is your way of dealing with the same?

Mayuri: My one big learning has been that people want someone to listen to them in an unbiased manner. Relationships, health, and finance are the most common issues that people seek Tarot guidance for. As a Tarot Card Reader, I ask them to keep their questions ready and share the answers as the Cards reveal them with complete honesty.

Your lifestyle ‘Sirimiri Blogazine’ talks about various categories, from book reviews and DIYs to blogs on cooking and travel. What is the take behind ‘#MyFriendAlexa?’

Mayuri: #MyFriendAlexa is a Blogging Challenge hosted by Blogchatter – a very popular Online Blogging Community. Alexa is a rank your Blog earns when it is active. In this month-long challenge, participating Bloggers need to write 8 fresh posts, 2 a week. We also need to read a minimum of 10 blog posts every day. #MyFriendAlexa is a great way to meet new bloggers and to discipline yourself, where writing and reading are concerned.

Amongst the publications that you have freelanced for, how was your experience at Complete Wellbeing, considering that you have published 29 articles on the website?

Mayuri: I have enjoyed writing for all the print publications, but writing for Complete Wellbeing was one of my best experiences. I had wonderful Editors who encouraged me and entrusted me by allowing me to choose my own topics and frame my articles.

Going through your career from scratch, what are the difficulties/challenges that you have faced so far, as tarot card readers are believed to have a spooky reputation. What kind of stress did you have to cope with?

Mayuri: Tarot Card Reading and Readers have a bad reputation. It doesn’t help when movies depict them as being insane/ crazy. I have been working to set the record straight, ever since I started Tarot Card Reading professionally. We have no special powers or abilities. Tarot Reading is something you have to learn, and then practise a lot. Being a Reader doesn’t stress me out at all, I enjoy it.

Today’s generation worries a lot about the future and what it holds. What is the piece of advice that you would want to deliver to each one of us?

Mayuri: I have seen a different side. Today’s generation believes in living for the moment. The clients that I interact with are only concerned about their present. As someone older, that point of view fascinates me and also worries me. I tell myself that this is how it is. I would say that it is prudent to plan long term, as living for the moment dissipates with the moment.

Till date, who have been your pillars of strength and inspiration to look up to and move forward?

Mayuri: I have moved two cities and have had to start again from scratch each time I did. Believe me; it was extremely difficult to do so. Luckily, I love my Professions, Writing and Tarot Card Reading so much that they are the ones that inspire me to set the bar higher each time and move forward.

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