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Stepping out of the box is not the easiest thing to do

Santana Maria Lambert

As the name suggests, Santana stands for holy. At the point of her own consciousness, she moves along with the rhythm of her own music. Ever since she knew the term, DJ’ing, she knew her plan of action. As she started to make people happy with her music, she realised her passion was to become a DJ and be recognised as DJ Santana. With a wide spectrum to choose from, the 26-year-old is known for her ability to crisscross between soundscapes and groovy basslines. Along with DJ’ing, Santana works as an Emcee too. From taking it up as a part-time job to implying it within her life, she is on the move with balancing her work life and personal life and taking the leap of faith to accomplish her dreams.

Among the various beats played by club DJs (EDM, Trap Music, HipHop, Trance & House), which specific beat/ beats do you focus upon?

I mainly focus on playing hip hop, pop and house music under DJ SANTANA.

Your name, Santana Maria Lambert is associated with DVAITA, which is linked to your soundtrack. Why does it appear across your name on your social media profile?

DVAITA is my alter ego. Besides DJ’ing, I also focus on music production. Though its something I have dwelled into in the recent past, I intend on spending a lot of my time and energy in mastering the art. Under DVAITA, I produce a lot of electronic music and work on bootlegs and remakes.

Focusing upon your brand, Neo Life, you produce and manufacture products for humans and dogs. But, why are your products exclusively made out of hemp seed oil?

Neo Life is a venture that I started alongside my partner. The main focus for us in starting a brand was primarily based on Hemp Products. It was to make something natural available to people that had so many benefits. Very often, we tend to miss what is in front of us and get carried away with products that can be misleading or harmful. But you really can’t go wrong with the prevalence of organic products that are 100% natural. Hemp helped me fight acne and the overall health of my dog, who fights epileptic seizures. So yes, if it helped me, I want it to in turn help others. And voila, Neo Life was born. Even though we currently focus on Hemp Products, we are hoping to expand to broader avenues.

With hemp seed oil, comes side effects (Low BP, Diarrhoea & Dry Mouth). Don’t you fear that the sale of your products will be limited to a certain age criterion due to the same?

A very interesting question, if I may say so myself. Any over the counter tablet or drug has its side effects. Face creams, even dermatologically tested can have side effects. All of this has been mentioned on the label. In essence, any product taken over the recommended dosage has its side effects. With our products, we specify the defined dosage that has to be taken on the label. And if the user adheres to the same, then he/she will have positive benefits.

Being a music geek, how are you managing the role of an Emcee & DJ at the same time? (Some tips wouldn’t hurt).

I get asked this question a lot. And I always say that if you love what you do, then it is never a chore. And that’s always been my case. As a kid I’ve been a very hyper one, and well growing up, it hasn’t left me. I love to be on the move and juggling various professions has helped me satisfy my thirst. 

Apart from the existing roles, you have also modelled for renowned brands including Meena Bazaar and BIBA. Would you count that as a backup plan or an interest?

Modelling has always been something I did for fun. I never pursued it as a career. My run with it was a good one, and well now, I can safely say its up on the shelf.

During the pandemic, what are the difficulties that you are having with managing your career as an Emcee & DJ, vis-à-vis playing the role of a partner and pet owner?

Hahaha, well too soon. I’m not married yet. The pandemic was tough. I will not lie. It exhausted my savings, but with the support of my family, and the company of my pets keeping me sane, I survived. The pandemic did take a hit on work, as it did for others. And well, work was sparse. But soon, there was an influx of virtual events and virtual gigs which kept me occupied and helped money flow.

Through these 8 years and 400+ shows of your life as an Emcee, what are the takeaways and lessons that this career choice has taught you?

Take life easy. Don’t stress. Be punctual and polite. Always remember that their event is your event. Work will come. But when it does, make sure you give your 100%.

What would a ‘no work’ day in your life look like?

A ‘no work’ day involves a lot of fussing with the pets, catching up on my reading and working on my music. There is no ‘no work’ day. If I’m not working, I’m prepping for work.

What can your fans expect you to be doing in the upcoming years?

Hopefully, a lot of good music releases. Far from it, but it is coming. I am currently working on a track that I’m excited to share with everyone soon.