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Yogesh Gupta

While most 2-year old toddlers spend their childhood in playpens, baby walkers and revolve around nursery rhymes, Ayaansh Gupta spends his time within physiotherapy sessions, oxygen filters and BiPap machines. He needs the world’s most expensive drug, Zolgensma within Rs 16 crore. To gain an insight, let us read further down the lines.

Having gathered Rs 7 crore for the world’s most expensive drug, the two-year and 11-month-old, Ayaansh Gupta, has a long journey to battle. Exposed to Spinal Muscular Atrophy, it is a genetic disorder in which one does not have control over the movement of muscles. This results in the loss of nerve cells and deteriorates the condition of the affected by the day.

By the tick of each second, Ayaansh’s parents hope to see him live through another day. “We are almost half a step closer to the goal. But we will be happy on the day we reach Rs 16 crore,” says Yogesh Gupta, his father.

Residing in Hyderabad, they have received help and support from various people, including Bollywood Celebrities on Twitter and Instagram, namely Alia Bhatt, Anil Kapoor and Kartik Aaryan, among others. When asked about how they reached out to celebrities, Yogesh added, “It was only possible through social media.” Moreover, their means to collect funds was through crowdfunding, which happened to be their last resort to seeing their child alive.

The 2-year-old has to go through a process of physiotherapy and he can neither stand, walk, sit nor can he eat. “He needs a BiPap machine to sleep and relies on a puree/ liquid diet to survive,” added Yogesh Gupta. The use of the machine is to push air into the lungs. In this procedure, Ayaansh often wears a mask or nasal plugs. Now, Ayaansh is very fond of animals and his parents bought him an animal-print BiPap machine. But there are days when he becomes fussy and wants to get rid of it.

Apart from this, when Ayaansh gets a cold and cough, he has to go through a painful process of manual suction, two times a day. Since his muscles aren’t strong enough to throw the phlegm out, there is a fear of chest blockage and aspiration pneumonia. This is why a catheter needs to be inserted each time they perform the procedure of manual suctioning.

While the little one has a huge smile on his face on a daily basis, he also needs the support and an amount of Rs 16 crore to get past his suffering. For the same, his parents, Yogesh and Rupal Gupta started the procedures for crowdfunding on Impact Guru.

If you would like to donate, the procedure is simple.

1) Go to the website:
2) You are likely to get a notification on the website to either donate from the amount starting at Rs 9999 or to choose the considerable amount of your choice
3) After this, you can enter the details and can even donate as an anonymous donor
4) Now, you have a bunch of options to donate through: Paytm/ Google Pay/ PhonePe
5) The funds will be directly transferred to the hospital
6) Even if you are unable to donate, the least you can do is share it on social media platforms. Because every share can get them closer to their goal.

Ayaansh is a lovely child with a sharp mind. He knows the mang mantra and has been chanting them since he was 18 months old. Wouldn’t you want to help out a child who is smart and intelligent, by donating just a little?

Kindly lend a hand and help him get through it. Let us be the reason behind his treatment and survival so that he can happily celebrate his 3rd birthday and many more!