In Conversation with Pradaini Surva : Model and Content Creator!

Inspiration is everywhere, knowledge is within!

How many times have you looked at social media today or browsed through some web pages? If you are on the internet, you are watching, or listening to a piece of digital content. Content is a holy grail, the fuel that keeps the economics of a business going. But there is always a buzz around the life of influencers aka the powerhouse of content creators. Being an influencer can be an exhausting job, and the people who are good at it have typically spent months or years perfecting their art and working their way up the ladder.

Amidst the myriad hues of content and a crowded platform that is churning out a new stream of content every day, she is a creator whose creativity is at the forefront of content. 

Meet Pradaini Surva from Chennai – content creator, yoga instructor and model. Pradaini Surva’s Instagram is a tale that informs, challenges, and excites everyone to awaken and connect with their spiritual being. 


In an exclusive interview with Chennai Insider, Pradaini Surva shares tidbits from her schedule and what keeps her going. 


Chennai Insider: If not a content creator or a model, you would be?

Pradaini: A yoga teacher! Yoga transcends the physical, it also encompasses mindfulness: devotion, contemplation, and meditation. I spend my morning meditating, healing, and detoxing. Yoga helps you to direct your energy towards the right things. Don’t know where to begin? Set an intention. Thinking of current travel plans? Take an inward journey! Explore the unseen and unknown. You are never too late to begin. Embrace the journey as you learn – one asana at a time, one breath at a time. 


Chennai Insider: Can you take us through a day in your lockdown life?

Pradaini:  Alarm 4 am – shower and set up; 4.30 am – 6.30 am – Meditation/breathing; 6.30 – 8.30 – Smoothie time and kitchen assist; 8.30 – 10.30 – Yoga! Rest of the day – Creating content, reading books, doing some online courses, and 1 hour of online series  (sometimes more) but mostly just one! 9 pm: bedtime! 


Chennai Insider: What or who inspires you in the content creation space?

Pradaini:  Inspiration is everywhere, knowledge is within! I use a conscious combination of both. Inspiration alone does not make creativity happen. It is dormant until it is ignited. Your passion can get you inspired, but only knowledge can help you find your purpose. Passion would excite you but only purpose will keep you going. Hence, it is important to establish and exude passion with a purpose. 


Chennai Insider: Was there ever an emotional downtime as a content creator?

Pradaini:  Of course, sometimes I don’t even know what kind of content to create, sometimes I do feel a block. There are hard times, there are bleak moments. I simply take a break and focus on other things I love doing, and get back to this! It is important not to burn out – you don’t want to wake up one day completely resentful of the things, you enjoy the most! I believe in the adage that people are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be. It’s all about tuning the mind and that is what yoga does to you! 


Chennai Insider: What are your goals when it comes to content creation?

Pradaini:  It must carry information or it must inspire! As cliché as it sounds, “content is queen”. The act of content creation is much more than the output –  Inspiration, research, production, editing, release, promotion – not every bit gets their due.  Getting more followers isn’t always progress and the backward journey isn’t always regress. The measure of your success is driven by the value of your content to the audience that learns and grows with you! Most importantly, to be authentic in the content. Embrace your unique wiring.


Chennai Insider: Your greatest support system?

Pradaini: Mom is the real goddess I have been blessed with. Our bond is great. She respects who I am becoming and in her own way adds love and essence to this journey. What can I say? I am extremely grateful.


Chennai Insider: If there is one time or moment in the last year or month, that you would change, what would it be?

Pradaini: Not a thing will I change for they all contributed to me being where I am today!  


Chennai Insider: The Future you aspire for your Personal Brand?

Pradaini: Reach, teach, heal. As many lives as I can

Pradaini radiates positivity and celebrates the art of connecting with oneself and transforming to a better version each day. Her attitude, philosophy, and spiritual practices are refreshing! With gratitude, self-love, and positivity in your armour, the sky is the limit, isn’t it?


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