‘Dear Ma…’ Ft. Entrepreneur, Prithi Narayanan!

Parenting is the ‘mother’ of all learning journeys!

In a world of shades of grey, when all else is uncertain, she is and will forever be your ray of sunshine. There is always a fleeting moment in time when everything seems normal and just right. This moment will always be when the thought of her children is a mother’s only reality.

We sit on our mother’s lap while she reads us a book. As she reads aloud and sings along, she places us in a safe cocoon, wrapped within her body and arms, that is the liberating love, the purest form of love we will ever know. Despite all of our society’s technological advances, it still just takes one mom, to work this magic. When life got us busy, hustling around technology, she patiently waited for a few moments of her attention – now more than ever!

All-day, she listens to everyone else’s stories, their exciting news, and achievements. She enjoys the burnt volcano projects, sandcastles, unfinished puzzles, strewn crayons, and slides scaled the wrong way. She watches and listens to what everyone else does, and after everyone is in bed, she now has a sliver of time to remember herself. Who else, and what else, but a marvel of a human?

It isn’t until we have become parents ourselves and can look back through the lens of experience and perspective that we fully realize the extraordinary glory and selfless graciousness. In these moments, we need to find some way to express directly to our parents just how important they were in helping us become who we are.

Parenting is the mother of all learning journeys. Who better than a parent of two daughters to share a few thoughts on Mother’s day?

Excerpts of a conversation with Prithi Narayanan – Entrepreneur and Celebrity Mom, who needs no introduction. Someone who ensures her daughters are as close to ground reality as possible. Raw and real frames. Forget pristine and curated Instagram feeds full of robotic routines, we are talking about someone who has honest discussions on her page about motherhood, fashion inspiration, and the eco-friendly parade!

‘Badass’ Parenting claims in your bio! Carrot and stick rules around?

‘Badass’ parenting on my profile loosely translates to not sticking to the parenting rule book at all. I can never follow the carrot and stick approach because that would mean that I will be encouraging extremes in behavior in my children and that is not going to work. I would probably ONLY do it in rare/ extreme cases, for example, if the safety of my children is in question? I try to encourage and explain situations to them under most circumstances. I have seen that my girls are very receptive when I sit down and chat with them as against when I reprimand them when they are emotional/ upset. I have had chats with them from when they were very young, so they always know it when I have something important to tell or teach them. And children are always watching the adults around them, so you need to watch yourself as a parent every second of the day. They will think and do what you show them.

Do you secretly wish that your kids grow up fast to gift you some interesting mother’s day gifts?

No! I want them to stay tiny and give me carefree love and kisses for as long as possible.

What are you most grateful to your mother for and what do you look up for in her the most?

My mother is literally the person I draw parenting inspiration from. Growing up, my sister and I always knew that our mom was tough but always, always there for us when we needed her. It is remarkable how she struck that balance of being a hard taskmaster and a kind, gentle, and extremely patient woman with us. I can proudly say she is my best friend and always has been. My motherhood journey is a lot easier and sweeter because I get to share it with my mother too.

After a long haul of dishes, only a long gaze at the children’s blissful sleep can make the heart full and life worth living for the mother – Time – 0, Mom – 1!

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