Talking Terrariums with Dhanya Ravindran – Founder, MagicRootz

I love planting terrariums – landscaping miniature worlds, and creating new growing environments. Terrariums can be very beautiful, they can enhance your home, your style at a budget and a great option of sustainable gifting too!

A terrarium is a base of grovel, charcoal, moss and soil and it supports a miniature garden of moisture-loving plants.  Well, the exciting thing about a terrarium is that it can tell a story too and be based out of various themes. Entrepreneur Dhanya Ravindran has tapped the beauty of terrariums to create her successful venture, MagicRootz while working in a private sector in Bangalore.

Give her a theme and a budget and she would create magic!

When did you start MagicRootz and how did it happen?

I started MagicRootz in Dec 2017. From childhood I had developed a craze on crafts and gardening . My dad’s favourite pass time is gardening and I used to be with him when he worked there .Even if he goes out of station he will make sure some or other person is there to water those plants, and his dedication towards gardening influenced me to do the same. When I was in college along with my friends I used to work on crafts like greeting cards ,candle , quilling etc and give to friends for any special occasion. Most of my friends encouraged me to start a boutique in future . As the days passed on I continued with my MBA and joined in IT but my love for crafts never faded. I wanted to engage myself with something and when I was surfing online I found Terrariums. It grabbed all the attention because it’s a combination of plants and crafts. Few of my friends asked me to do that for them to gift their friends and that was incidentally December time when everyone was playing Secret Santa. I inquired in flower shops whether I can keep few terrariums in their shops. Thankfully they did not have any second thoughts and willingly agreed and that is how MagicRootz began.

How did you go about promoting your terrariums?

I created my social media pages. I marketed it mainly through Instagram and Facebook. One of my friends noticed that and invited me to his company to participate in an exhibition . I made 26 items and just in 4 hours everything got sold out which gave me the confidence to delve deeper into my venture.

The best thing about terrariums? Customized gifts are much more valuable then normal gifts and the best thing about terrariums is that they can be customized into any theme. Moreover what is more scintillating than natural vibes all around you?

What are some of the biggest challenges you faced when you started?

The main challenge was investment. I used to manage personal life and MagicRootz with my IT salary. The other challenges were ofcourse time management with profession, passion and personal life. But transportation is quite a challenge because if it is a specific customized theme, I wouldn’t be able to courier it that easily. However, as I progressed, I figured a way out of these challenges.

What motivates you to keep going?

Each customer review motivates me so much because the trust they have on me means a lot. But nothing happens without the backbone of family support. My family and friends encourage me a lot and give me their ideas for my betterment

What’s the plan forward for Magicrootz?

I would like to start A to Z needs for gardening like indoor gardening ,balcony gardening ,outdoor gardening.

How do you perceive women entrepreneurs?

Women entrepreneurs are a boon. Sometimes, even though they have a unique talent or passion, due to family or professional constraints, not everyone is able to take it up. Even though you get less money the happiness and satisfaction you get by doing what you love makes a lot of difference . Everyone can manage profession, passion and personal life if they love what they do.

What is your advice to someone who wants to start a home based business?

1.Do a lot of homework

2.Get to know about the current market

3. Think innovative

4. Get to know about customer needs and trends

5. Be unique

6.Quality matters

7. Don’t give up

8. Be ready to take positive and negative comments

9.Money is secondary,at the end your satisfaction matters

10. Don’t get fed up of failures, embrace them and move ahead!

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