Influential 2019 – Top 10 Social Media Influencers of Chennai!

It’s that time of the year again to reflect how the year has been! 

Influencers are at the cutting edge of trends. Influencer marketing is more than just a buzzword now.  That’s why, right now, you should hop on the influencer train! 

It’s always fun to get inspired by other people, but with such a large number of great influencers out there, it’s often not that easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here is our take complete roundup of Top 10 social media influencers from fashion to music to everything in between.

Presenting to you, Chennai Insider’s “Influential 2019 – Top Influencers from Chennai!

1. Subhiksha Venkat – Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

If you have been around social media for a while and following influencers, you could not have missed Subhiksha’s authentic content! She blogs about Fashion & Food and is truly a “Made in Madras”. When asked about the Life Behind the Insta-Glam Image, Subhiksha says, “Definitely not as fancy as it looks. There is a lot of hard work and homework that’s done from our side to even come up with a single post. I have traveled at 3 am in the morning, doing makeup in car to a particular spot in Kanchipuram to get that ONE perfect shot. Points like –  how to make the blog post informative, how to make it unique and share-worthy are few of many that I think before coming up with a blog post/ Instagram post”.  

As a golden motto, she says “Fall in love with your work unconditionally. Don’t expect anything in return. My Appa keeps telling me this and it definitely motivates me every time I feel down”. You go girl! 

2. Sringa Syam- Kabooki Make-up Artistry

Being the first to pursue an off-beat career in her family, Sringa with her undeniable, raw talent and creative imagination, creates a transformation. From her spooky attempt of Exorcist, to recreating Monalisa and Game of Thrones characters, the world is a palette for Sringa! 

On beauty, Sringa says, “I believe everyone- fair or dark, tall or short is beautiful in their own way. There is so much more to a human being than confining beauty to outer appearance. Right from a small acne to complexion to scars, we have been told to cover it all up. That’s sadly the way the society has brought us up.  I do not believe that makeup that covers everything is the idea of beauty. Makeup is a choice, not a mask”

Sringa truly breaks boundaries with makeup her forte! 

3. Pradaini Sarvothaman – Model

The popular model creates waves on Instagram and inspires people with her fashionable content. A bundle of energy, a fountain of good vibes, Pradaini loves to stay in the moment. “A brand new day inspires me. Every conversation with people I know or not, I find inspiration! Constructive criticism inspires me as much as appreciation does” says Pradaini.  

Is it easy as it seems?

“There is a team out together – A Schedule is made. Several shots are taken. Then, goes the editing process. Sometimes, we send it to friends for feedback. Oh and finally the caption! Check time, understand the reach and finally upload! One deep breath! Nothing is as easy as it seems, ever!”

4. Krithika Ramesh – Lifestyle Blogger and Influencer

Famously known as Mylapore Kitz #mylaporeiyeraathuponnu. A household name, a relatable Instagrammer with a positive outlook.

If perfect outfits paired with love and impeccable devotion and everyday life stories is what you’re after, her stories will become your happy place. A perfect blend of tradition and western cultures, Krithika is all about spreading positivity and cheer. She has an enviable persona and infectious energy. This inspirational mama combines design, food, fashion and godliness all through a gratitude lens. “Negativity on social media is not new. Life always has 2 sides to a coin and I prefer to count my blessings” says Krithika. Quoting her favorite quote, “The struggle ends when gratitude begins”. The world is truly a better place with such positive vibe creators!

5. Alexander Babu – Stand-up Comedian

The pioneer of the globe-trotting musical humor with rave reviews, Alex has turned tables for the Standup comedy scene. The Chennai Comedian while playing a variety of instruments, from the thaval to the double bongo and harmonium, also transports us to a wonderland of Tamil cinema music from the times of MS Viswanathan and Ilaiyaraaja to Vidyasagar and AR Rahman. Alex in Wonderland has truly made our 2019 magical! 

Quoting Alex from an interview, Alex says, “People can read people. Within a few minutes of seeing you, they know if you’re genuine. And, in my field, if you hide, you only show more. I found my ‘Wonderland’ in this show, seeing how I enjoyed myself doing it. It is rehearsed, but getting people to listen to me, feeling what I feel… is special. Any show, in my opinion, has to be rooted in truth and where you are coming from”. 

6. Rupjyoti Gogoi – Model and Fashion Blogger

Rupjyoti’s journey has been as beautifully meandering as her imagination. She holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and decided to pursue a career in the same and worked at one of the Top Investment Banks in Bangalore. But passion tugged at her heartstrings, and soon enough, she found herself in the midst of the fashion industry. “I feel the nexus lies in the honesty of content. I do not emulate other bloggers and try to exploit my own imagination” says Rupjyoti.

7. Mehndi Jashnani – Model, Stylist and Fashion Blogger

Women of fashion are creating some aesthetic waves. Mehndi’s outlook is less about fitting in, and more about standing out; less about wearing standard outfits, and more about customization and personality. Apart from being a model, stylist, and influencer, she is pretty much a foodie and your girl next door.

“I never planned to be a model, but always had my overflowing love for fashion and dressing up from the very start. I would watch my mother and aspire to be as stylish as her back in the days! Modeling happened just like that and I never looked back. Over the years I’ve enjoyed my journey as a model which has been a great source of experience in bringing me out from my nutshell. Being a complete introvert to now being told that I win at my PR skills is something I can pat my back for! Chennai’s fashion industry has been my family for a decade now! Stepping in with the warmest of welcomes from the best in the field, the shy little girl transformed! ” says Mehndi. 

8. Guru Nicketan – Aka Nicketronix – Stand-up Comedian

A million memes to set you rolling on the floor laughing. A Student Marketeer at Red Bull, an intern at an education startup, content writer and a blogger, oh and comedy too! If humor is your forte, you’d be following Nicketronix already! “I slowly started watching a lot of stand-up and discovered the Indian comedy scene, and I wrote my first set then. I was in 10th grade. I took it more seriously when I came across Aravind SA’s first viral video in 2015. His content and references were very relatable and that is when I found out that Chennai had its own comedy scene. I gave it a year and started performing at open mics in 2016. At 17, I was the youngest comedian in the scene back then. I pursued it as a hobby until 2018. I decided to take it up seriously after a series of setbacks because I wanted something challenging to focus on” says Guru. 

9.  Uma Ram – Fashion Blogger aka Proud Brown Girl

Uma Ram, aka “Proud Brown Girl”  – A fashion and travel blogger who hails from Pondichery and works in Chennai. She runs the blog whilst working a full-time job as an engineer in Amazon. “If you’re a darker shade of brown, you were probably the recipient of derogatory comments. If you are lighter skinned, you would have heard poems in praise of your “beauty”. Whatever may be your skin color, talent speaks out aloud. Look beyond the colors to unveil greater shades that you never imagined existed”, says Uma.

10. Balaji Vijayaraghavan – Founder of Carnatic Network

A marketing professional by day, a stand-up comedian by night and a Carnatic Music enthusiast forever, Balaji effortlessly juggles multiple roles. Recently, he also gave his Tedx speech to add another feather to his cap! 

Filter coffee, open page of the newspaper, Raga Kapi on the radio followed by a carnival of Sabha hopping. A stand-alone fixture in Chennai’s Calendar – December is always synonymous with the Kutcheri (concert) seasons. The pulse of Chennai vibrates and throbs in Carnatic music. Balaji’s platform of Carnatic Network provides opportunities to various artists. From a humble beginning with open -mics to rewarding the best picks from open-mics with recordings and concerts, Carnatic Network has grown into a bigger and inclusive community of budding artists today. The Carnatic Network on Instagram Feed is your daily dose of Margazhi!  


Keep inspiring, you all! May the uniqueness of your tribe grow!

Happy new year 2020!

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    Jotted down notes on where I should be following this list of curated Top Ten Influencers, Great Read!

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