Vibrant Spaces – where design meets functionality

An easygoing conversation with the Assistant Vice President, Sandeep, of Vibrant Spaces.

We thrive towards making designs as ‘you’ as possible.

Sandeep, the Assistant Vice President

Incorporating intricate and in-house designs is the ‘modus operandi’ followed by Vibrant Spaces, an Interior Decorator Company, located in Chennai. With extreme competitiveness, they look towards taking up challenges, combining design with functionality.

Tell us a little about your company. Who founded it and why?

A group of young entrepreneurs founded the company in 2012 to bridge the gap that a lot of people have with quality interior designing options.

What is the ideology behind the name – Vibrant Spaces?

Vibrant Spaces stands for exactly what it says. We want to make homes vibrant. Our intention is to carry function along with beauty.

Was pursuing interior designing your passion/ just an interest that turned out to be a career option?

It stems more from finding a problem and solving it. We realized that interior designing is something a lot of people have issues with, be it pricing, style or utility. We wanted to fix this and that is how Vibrant came to be.

Amongst the designs incorporated by your company, what are some of the signature elements that make your company stand out from the rest?

We make our own materials within our factory to help make the designs as ‘you’ as possible. We also have a complete in-house team which produces the material with an authentic guarantee of 100%, along with being completely unique.

With the pandemic having put things on a halt and your company working online, what are the challenges that you face, since the economy has shut and people lost jobs, leading to lack of work and orders?

We have started online consultation for our clients, so we don’t delay operations and to keep our employees afloat.

Considering the fact that you might get orders, what are the difficulties that you are exposed to, while approaching your client online?

The only setback is that they cannot be hands-on. They can’t experience the material texture and finish.

What are the most common choices of designs that your clients come to you with?

Modular kitchens and wardrobes are in. The demand to have a beautiful and utilitarian kitchen and wardrobes that make dressing an experience rather than a chore is our biggest contender as of now.

What measures does your company take, in order to call itself eco-friendly?

We incorporate measures like the High Density High Moisture Resistance (HDHMR) and Birchply.

Due to the pandemic, architects and interior decorators have modified their designs to make it more spacious, in terms of office environments. Is your company looking forward to working on designs for office spaces?

Although we specialize in residential designs, we are always up for a challenge.

As part of your projects, have you received orders from celebrities that form a part of the Kollywood industry?

Yes, we have designed the homes of several Actors and Music Directors. Renowned Actress, Gautami Tadimala, is a part of our firm and one of our foremost designers.

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