Pedal away your calories, with LoCal

A little know-how on the very first Fitness Restaurant in Chennai.

LoCal is an architectural expression of our ethos

Founders of LoCal

Launching a one-of-its kind Fitness Restaurant in the heart of the city of Chennai, Nungambakkam, let’s shine some light upon the two fellow fitness enthusiasts, Mahi Mohan and Abishek Rengaswamy and enlighten ourselves on the unique blend of dietary disciplines and a touch of authentic flavor, portrayed by the two.

Give us brief on your initiative – ‘localbydumbell.’

‘LoCal by Dumbell’ is a first of its kind fitness restaurant that offers nutrition-rich scrumptious meals. It is well balanced, wholesome, and provides low-calorie alternatives for fitness enthusiasts. Our menu also accommodates various dietary disciplines including vegan, keto, low carb, paleo-friendly and gluten-free diets. We also customize the food to accommodate food allergies, if any. Our FitMeal subscription boxes are a monthly subscription meal plan where we deliver healthy meals. These are calorie counted, macro specific, and customized specially to meet your fitness goals. Be it weight loss or staying healthy, they help a great deal in helping you track your fitness routine. Not just that, it is for anyone who wants to switch to a healthier meal option.

How unique is it from the others in your field?

Each and every dish on the menu is meticulously prepared with finesse and attention to detail. All our dishes are a culmination of locally available seasonal ingredients with nutrition-rich superfoods. We also provide the calorie count, mentioned along with their macro content of protein, fat, fibre, and carbs. This gives the consumer, an option to make informed choices on their health. A nutritionally rich, low-calorie diet is the main factor for weight loss transformation. LoCal is not just any other food space that offers healthy food options. It is a restaurant that aides in your fitness journey based on individual dietary requirements that will transform your health. 

How did the idea of a food joint come up?

Mahi & Abishek, the co-founders of LoCal are fellow fitness enthusiasts who found it very difficult to eat at any restaurant. They couldn’t indulge in their favorite cuisines, as most of them were loaded with unhealthy oils. So, they wanted to create a place where clients won’t have to go on a guilt trip, nor compromise on the flavors. This led to the foundation of LoCal. Our fitness-themed restaurant, ideally located in the heart of Chennai in Nungambakkam, is an architectural expression of our ethos.

Having real-time cycles as your seaters, you can pedal away a few calories while waiting for your food. And, also earn your own protein shakes by whipping it on our blender cycles. It is a vibrant food space to workout in and eat scrumptious food without worrying about gaining those extra pounds!

How many of you are heading it?

Our co-founders: Mahi Mohan is an internationally certified Nutritionist and Fitness Professional. On the other hand, Abishek Rengaswamy is the founder of the Dumbell Fitness clothing line, a State Weightlifter and a National Rifle shooter. They have started this venture out of a mere passion to be able to serve like-minded fitness and Health enthusiasts.

What are the most-liked items on your menu, amongst the foodies?

The most popular items on the menu are The Mexican Healthy Bowl, our decadent dessert options – Ultra Fudge Sweet Potato Brownie & Dairy Free Chocolate Avocado Mousse along with our subscription meal boxes.

Since a lot of people find dieting and counting calories monotonous and time-consuming, what is your take on it?

Mahi Mohan – “If you are looking for healthier food options, equally tasty & nutritionally rich, LoCal is your answer. Our vision with LoCal is to help people lose weight in a Sustainable and fun manner.”

Abishek Rengaswamy – “Dieting doesn’t mean you have to eat tasteless and bland food. Our menu offers world-class flavors in the form of low-calorie meal options that are absolutely delectable. Be it expert fitness professionals or someone who has just stepped into the world of health transformation, LoCal is here to be an integral part of your fitness journey.”

Do you offer party/ get-together specials or space?

Yes, we do block spaces for 15-20 people, for parties, birthdays, get-togethers, and special events.

What are your future plans?

Our future plan is to deliver healthy and nutritionally rich food, not only for people who are looking out for healthy food options but also for those trying to lose weight. Next, would be to open our franchises across India and make LoCal a one-stop destination for healthy food options & weight loss transformations.