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Takeaways from the 5 most Influential People of Tamil origin in USA

We have all asked ourselves these questions when we read inspiring articles and videos from the best motivational content speaker and social media inspiration, Jay Shetty. Such as,

Are you employed in a job that is constantly reminding you that you need to shift gears to explore other fields that you may love and excel at.

Are you in a deadlock at comfort zone and therefore unwilling to experiment?

Would you still be happy and motivated to be doing what you are pursuing currently sans the money?

Make THAT change that you dream of everyday. Let yourself free from the shackles of chains of unwritten laws about building progressive careers.

Whilst reading and seeing such inspirational content, 9 out of 10 of us would have floated and drifted away for a few seconds, imagined ourselves to where we could possibly be. And then, accepting the reality of life that is, would have played along the routine. The 1 out of 10 who made that warranted change to their lives and painted them with the exact hues that your dreamy-eyed tinted glasses looked at, is where they transported themselves to.

Holding onto something that is good for you now, may be the very reason why you don’t have something better.

So, what if the change doesn’t turn out to be better? You learnt that it wasn’t and that your DNA lies somewhere else. You were routed better on the map. The version of better changes everyday. So, vow to make THAT change you dream of everyday – today, for turbulence is the beginning of a fruitful process of transformation.

Indians who have been spearheading transformation have made it in the news for being positive influencers and leaders in the giant of international spaces. Leaders like these inspire you to listen to your instincts, break ceilings and climb invisible walls.

1. Sundar Pichai

A household name that he has become, much like the company that he drives, is. When he made headlines, we were all rooted to speaking of his humble abode he started with. If you are a fan of the heights he has achieved, do watch this video.

Yes, technical knowledge is exceptional. But, what is to note more is the extreme level of patience, calm and poise. Remember, empty vessels make more noise? Nothing speaks more about you than when you give a silent hearing to others speak.

2. Indra Nooyi

Speaking of #girlpower and #womenleaders, Indra Nooyi, the chair of PepsiCo, has been placed top-notch among the world’s 100 most powerful women, who have multiple overwhelming roles to play as a mother, wife and a corporate leader. Born in Madras to a conservative family in an era where it was unseeming for women to exert themselves. From being unable to afford a business suit for one of the interview of top consulting firms while pursuing her management degree, to heading a flagship product and lead negotiator in strategic deals, she has truly proven her mettle as one of the Corporate America’s top visionaries.

3.Ram Shriram

Yet another on the block – Ranked no 3 in the Forbes List, an Indian venture capitalist, a leading angel investor in Silicon Valley, one among Google’s first investors, ranked one of the richest people of America. He is also an investor of InMobi headquartered in Bengaluru, a platform that provides mobile advertising solutions with curated recommendations on apps and devices. The lesser known fact is that he says he tried and failed to become an entrepreneur many times over. Truly  a takeaway of how when one door closes, multiple doors of opportunities open up.

4.Raghuram Rajan

Born into a Tamil family, educated in IIT and IIM and later, a PhD from MIT Sloan, he is truly a connoisseur of excellence in unchartered territories. His books on financial markets, global economy and research papers in Economics and later assuming roles of chief economic advisor and RBI governor, speaks of growth from strength to strength.

5.Kamala Harris who has joined the White House race!

A proud moment for Indians as this Tamil-native announced her plans to take on Donald Trump. Fondly referred as Female Barack Obama, Kamala has been a key voice, asking the tough questions.

Indians are truly ruling the world, in every sense of the word. Are we still speaking of barriers?


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