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What you need to know about Kamala Harris – the next US presidential candidate with Tamil roots

The run for the next US President is here and all you need to know about Kamala Harris, to believe that if you dare to implement what you dream, the universe conspires to work your way!

  • Born to Indian mother and raised in Oakland, California.
  • Her mother, a traditional South Indian Brahmin, who was supposedly to return to India but married a Jamaican native and remained in the States. Ms. Harris’s mother’s father was active in the Indian Independence movement, a high-ranking civil servant who advised the independent nations and fought against corruption. Leadership has always been in the blood through genes, isn’t it?
  • A black and a South Asian woman according to the US, but her identity is much more than that – a state attorney general, fearless advocate, an author, a front-runner, a top-cop and pioneer in progressive reforms.
  • Key voice for many women and winner of major settlements holding big corporations accountable to protect the privacy against online crime.
  • Reformer of the criminal justice system and pioneered to expose racial disparities.

Ms.Harris claims in one of her statements, that she saw herself as a champion of middle class families who lived ‘”pay-check to pay-check”.

She may be the first but she doesn’t want to be the last. We sense the world moving forward and progressing multi-fold with women having a strong and powerful voice – something that could not even be dared to be dreamt of, few decades back.

Nobody and nothing can make you feel inferior – not your background, sex, skin, colour, race, religion, traits. If you choose to look into the bigger picture and place yourself on a pedestal and look at the view from the top, you will never want to step down from there.

In Seth Godin’s words, Why settle for less, when the world has made it so easy for you to be REMARKABLE?


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