In conversation with Deyga Organics’ Founder Arthi Raguram

Deyga Organics is an organic skincare brand founded by Arthi Raguram. It focuses on the natural and organic to bring out safe and enhancing skincare products.

Skincare has definitely made it to everyone’s list of priorities and people are constantly on the lookout for products which are chemical-free and clean to protect and enhance their skin. Whether it is the influence of the numerous skincare videos or the terrible sun and radiation we encounter today that has caused an increase in skincare concerns, we are yet to figure. The skincare industry is blooming and skincare lovers are having a blast with the wide array of products available in the market.

Deyga Organics is an organic skincare brand founded by Arthi Raguram. It focuses on the natural and organic to bring out safe and enhancing skincare products. Deyga tries to revive traditional production processes which are close to extinct in this fast paced world. Their products are pure, handcrafted and natural, and this is what makes them special. In conversation Arthi Raguram, we learn more about Deyga’s products, its production process and more about the founder herself!

Chennai Insider: Give a brief info about Deyga Organics. Why the name ‘Deyga’?

Arthi: Deyga Organics is a through and through organic skincare brand. We make natural products to groom and pamper skin and hair in the best possible way. Deyga comes from a Tamil word, ‘Deygam’ meaning ‘body’ which is what we actually care for, since it’s a wonderful creation of nature.

Chennai Insider: What inspired you to begin Deyga? What is the story behind it?

Arthi: To be honest, my own skin problems inspired me to take a way towards natural skincare. The story behind this idea first clicking in my mind dates back to my teen years. I had sensitive skin and dealt with a lot of acne. Trying on new products was always a challenge for me. No product was efficient enough to make my skin smoother and acne free. It was then that I first thought to use natural remedies and it worked like some magic spell was cast! the effects were wonderful. Aftermath, I decided to spread the awareness about natural products and remedies because at that time these were really underrated due to the influence of commercialized synthetic products. And that was the day when Deyga first found its roots, in my mind.

Deyga’s range of Lip balms and Lip scrubs

Chennai Insider: Tell us about yourself. What were you doing before Deyga?

Arthi: I have always been one with so many different fascinations. ‘Creative’ is the absolute word that defines me as a person. Dancing is one of my prominent hobbies that helps me relax to the core. Even today, when I am sorely stressed, I dance and get back to my ‘come on! face the world’ form. Sometimes I try my hand at cooking and other times I try to draw and paint stuff that encapsulates my feelings. These are my personal ideas of chilling and being productive at the same time. Before working at Deyga, I was deeply indulged in the fine arts. I was also thinking about being a Psychologist though!.

Chennai Insider: What are the products you offer? How are they different from other skincare brands?

Arthi: We offer a wide range of skin and hair care products for every age group. From nourishing hair oils to relaxing foot scrubs, from bathing essentials to brushing essentials, from skin pampering toners to skin rejuvenating scrubs and face packs, we have all the ‘must-haves’ you need for a perfect skin and hair care routine. The fact cannot be denied that there are many other organic skin care brands in the country but the thing that makes us unique is our ideology. We often follow a traditional process in the making of our products which is nearly extinct in today’s fast paced world. Usage of ancient copper and brass vessels, subtle handcraft in the production process, Ayurveda inspired working principles are certain things that mark us unique among other.

Deyga’s Rose Deodorant

Chennai Insider: How was your journey as a women entrepreneur? How hard is it to have a work-life balance and how do you manage it?

Arthi: My journey is adorned with highs and lows. Every time I had faced a new challenge I found myself more determined towards my goal. It’s even applicable today. As an entrepreneur, I feel extremely grateful for my hard-work has ultimately paid me off what I deserved. But as we say, the journey goes on and on! Today I am a mom as well. Managing work and my duties towards my little son simultaneously is a tad tougher but I enjoy them wholeheartedly. After all what I carry in my heart today is lots and lots of gratitude for what I am today! I believe enjoying can make every task and every responsibility filled with love and laughter.

Chennai Insider: Tell us about the ingredients used in your products. How do you source out the materials you need?

Arthi: The raw materials we use in our products are entirely organic in nature. I would like to mention that we have a farm wholly attributed to Deyga and its manufacturing process. We cultivate organic products there. The materials we don’t own are procured from local farmers who ensure the quality of their supply beforehand.

Deyga Rose Glow Kit

Chennai Insider: Deyga is blowing up on Instagram and there are so many positive reviews for your products. How does this make you feel? Do you think you’ve achieved the goal you set out on?

Arthi: Definitely, I am super glad for we are hearing such positive responses from our customers! I have always believed the fact that Honesty is the best policy. I have always been honest towards my work and the results are cherishing. By God’s grace my wish to spread and restore the tradition of natural skin care regime is flourishing with each passing day as the youth of the country is orienting towards a healthier lifestyle, even the major part of our customer base belongs to millennials. However we are constantly working to become our better version and have no plans to stop even if we have achieved a milestone.

Chennai Insider: How has the pandemic affected your business? Do you think it might have resulted in positive changes?

Arthi: Like any other e-commerce platform we faced issue in satisfying our customers 100%. We as a brand prioritize customer satisfaction highly.
We faced issues with logistics as even they worked with only 40% working capacity.
Otherwise, the good part is that we moved to the Deyga farm where we cultivate raw materials organically. It helped us with the collection of raw materials and made us more vivacious by refreshing our minds and making our quarantine period even more productive.
As an individual the farm stay made me feel so good about the simple livings our ancestors had. Literally, the tradition we have had is bliss! We harvested our own vegetables and fruits there during the lockdown and even tried to spread the word about the necessity of home grown plants too. The wonderful response from our followers made us even more responsible towards our duties. So definitely this pandemic has also impacted our lives in a lot more positive way as well.

Chennai Insider: Tell us about your team and how did you meet each other?

Arthi: My team is my biggest support. My husband, the very first team member of Deyga has left no stone unturned in supporting me to the peak and making Deyga what it is today. Choosing an entire team for Deyga has been a gradual process since we always wanted people who could take this responsibility with a grin on their face! I am grateful because we got everything we wished for and a big credit goes to the Deyga team.

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