How the start-up Alserv is carving a caring ecosystem?

Life always comes a full circle, isn’t it? Our relationship with our parents passes through so many stages, from a parent, they are friends and advisors after which they turn into children themselves.

The digital world has made it easier to break physical barriers and every grandchild is only a skype call away. But do senior citizen homes make them miss the walls of the home where you grew up with the aroma of her food? Yes! Human touch is indeed a powerful booster of the immune system though, in the wake of the pandemic, it is ironic to say so!

The founders Jagadish Ramamoorthy and Saravanan Adiseshan, started Alserv when they saw a huge gap in the senior citizen living space today; both in terms of real estate available and demand. Alserv aims to empower seniors in living a fully independent life in their homes, instead of being whizzed off to expensive retirement homes.

The roots of Alserv

Alserv was started in November 2019. Research suggested that most retirement homes in gated communities cost elders above ₹30 lakh. Moreover, it involved dislocating seniors from their roots, forcing a huge shift in their lifestyle, and loss of freedom. Since November 2019, Alserv is striving to make the wish of every senior citizen who wanted to live independently and not move to a retirement community come true. It also allows children of seniors who live remotely, ensure their elders are safe and healthy.

The X-Factor

Since Alserv began operation, they have been providing daily essentials like groceries, medicines, doctor consultations, maids, and home maintenance services for elders in Chennai.

They also make it easier for NRIs to help their aged parents or grandparents by taking care of all the needs of their seniors via a simple phone call. Over time, they have become a part of their extended family.

  • Seniors don’t have to move to a retirement community for services. Everything is delivered to their home.
  • There is no packaging of services, so users can avail only what they need when they need and pay only for that. This is budget-proof as against a standard payment plan that is compulsory whether or not one needs all services.
  • There is no minimum order and the range of services is broad! Besides medical and emergency care, Alserv also offers food delivery, ticketing help, someone to accompany one to a bank, etc.

Creating a Personalised Experience that matters

With Alserv, everything is personalized and everything is tailor-made for a senior’s needs and how?

Every senior is assigned a relationship manager whom they can call whenever they face any issue. If they feel stuck somewhere while navigating the app, they can always call and get help. The same person will always tend to a particular senior’s needs. This ensures comfort and rapport is built. Children of seniors can also order for their elders and have things delivered, tracking the status via the mobile app. Notifications are also sent at appropriate times. This way the seniors who are not very comfortable with technology have no cause to worry.

The success of a business is defined by the metric of customer rapport, isn’t it?

Trust and Safety, the no-compromise protocol

All the personnel and vendors associated with Alserv are vetted and scrutinized very carefully. Only professionals are tied up with Alserv. For security during delivery, Alserv team provides a photo of the person coming to the house beforehand. This ensures safety of the seniors.

‘The Ever Last’ing Promise

The “Ever Last” Instagram Live sessions have been started by Alserv to build a community and a platform where seniors could come relax, interact with the young generation, enjoy themselves, all the while getting valuable information on how to stay healthy and happy. The sessions also help seniors stay mentally healthy and assure them of care. The sessions also serve as a means for artists, health professionals, and anyone who wants to help and interact with seniors have a platform to do so. When the lockdown ends, The EverLast also plans to start offline sessions, a digital magazine, and other senior-related activities.

Raising Funds During the Pandemic

Alserv tied up with H129 and Civic Fulcrum for a fund-raiser to donate much-needed food, sanitation kits, supplies, and assistance to those in need. A crowd-funded quiz event “Fund.Play.Repeat” was conducted to help raise close to 2.6 lakh rupees.

Alserv ensures seniors get all services straight to their homes with one phone call; starting from groceries to doctor consultations. An impactful change to the community begins with one social problem that you intend to solve, built-in with personalization, emotion, empathy, and trust!

Home is where the heart is. Parents and grandparents are where your life story began. Treat them to a happy, secure, and healthy life in the comfort of your home!

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