Chef Vinusha

Young Pastry Chef Vinusha and her love for Baking

A 10 year old entrepreneur isn’t something you hear off everyday, little Vinusha is the Founder and CEO of Four Seasons Pastry.

A 10 year old entrepreneur isn’t something you hear off everyday, little Vinusha is the Founder and CEO of Four Seasons Pastry. She began her baking journey at 9 and it didn’t take long before she took the next step. At Four Seasons Pastry she bakes cupcakes and cakes that are incorporated with the theme of the four seasons. Vinusha also has a Baking Kit to her name which helps kids and beginners understand the science behind baking. Vinusha proves that age is just a number and you can do anything if you set your mind to it!

Chennai Insider: Tell us a little about yourself

Vinusha: Hi, I’m Vinusha. I am from Ramanathapuram District, Mudukuluthur – Mochikulam village. My family and I live in Chennai and I am an only child. I am studying in 5th standard now. 

Chennai Insider: Tell us about your baking journey. When did you realize your passion for making pastries?

Vinusha: From when I was 8 years old I had the habit of watching baking and food videos, I never tried to bake though.  When I was 9, I baked a cake with my friend for my mother’s birthday and only then did I come to realize how much I loved baking. I wanted to bake another cake, I called my friend but she told me she found it boring so I baked the cake with my mom instead. I have attended many classes to develop my skills in baking since then.

Chennai Insider: An entrepreneur at such a young age, what inspired you to begin Four Seasons Pastry?

Vinusha: I met a lot of entrepreneurs and was inspired by their stories. I thought to myself ‘why shouldn’t I start my own brand?’, and that’s how I started Four Seasons Pastry  – I love the seasons a lot so incorporated the idea of seasons with cupcakes. I was inspired by the entrepreneurs and their role towards society and that’s how Four Seasons Pastry was born.

Chennai Insider: What are your goals for the future? What are the plans you have for Four Seasons Pastry?

Vinusha: I want to establish my Baking Kit throughout India. I would also like to start a “Baking Institute” in India. There aren’t many World Class Institutes in India.

Chennai Insider: Tell us about your Baking Kit. How did you come up with the idea?

Vinusha: This Baking Kit is a STEM based kit for kids aged 7 to 14 and it can also help beginners. The Baking Kit is available in a subscription model designed for a year. A kit per month. This kit contains things like raw materials, procedure, and a write up explaining the science behind this activity (baking), some experiments and other information about the product.

Chennai Insider: Do you find it hard to juggle your studies and work? How do you manage it?

Vinusha: I don’t find it hard to juggle studies and work; I complete my school work as soon as I am back from school. I complete it within a short time too. My Parents advise me to understand the concepts and not to memorize anything and I try to do that.

I concentrate on baking and other things with the rest of my time. I used to skip school for some days, in such cases my teachers and friends help me with the lessons and classes I miss out on.

Chennai Insider: What are your interests besides baking? What are your hobbies?

Vinusha: I enjoy reading books, my favourite authors are Sudha Murty, Ruskin Bond,Vir Sanghvi and R K Narayanan. I am also interested in drawing.

Chennai Insider: What do you think is your biggest achievement till date? What part of your baking journey till now has been most memorable?

Vinusha: When I got appreciation from OYO CEO Mr. Rohit Kapoor. It was also very memorable when I cooked with Chef Damu on ‘Jaya Tv’. I received the Change Maker Award from Radio city 91.1 and Levista.

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